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Boonie Ba-Boona
Album Preview

1. Boonie Ba-Boona
2. Spring
3. Forgiveness
4. Lost Stone
5. East & West
6. Psalm 150

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           Cover art by Adam Odisho, Sweden

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“I think the music is very thoughtful. The words are really interesting.
I being Jewish, I always find it interesting to connect with other people who are from ancient people like the Assyrians who have very similar cultural background.”

-Howard Levy
(from the enhanced portion of CD)



This being my second recording endeavor with Shlimon, my friend and brother in music, I wanted to express my feelings about his music.

Even though I don't understand his Assyrian lyrics, I can still feel what Shlimon is trying to
convey. His passion for peace and freedom is a reflection of his the man and his music. His sensitivity to the Iraqi people is overwhelming. So much so, that when he returns to Iraq he will know his music was not in vain.

Playing bass guitar, bouzouki and guitar on his recordings
has been a pleasure and an honor for me. I would wake up the next morning after a session and immediately begin hearing his beautiful Assyrian melodies in my head and throughout the day.

I know you will enjoy Shlimon just as much as Shlimon enjoyed creating.

-Bill Demis


The music of Shlimon Bet-Shmuel is pure, poetic, and passionate. His Melodies are simple and beautiful, and his rhythms intricate and full of surprises. He sings of his beautiful homeland of long ago and far away and how it can someday be the way it was. Hear Shlimon sing, listen to his soul.

-Gary Filip   

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